1992 to 1993

Recorded "Conscious Elements" with "Fusion" outfit "RPM". Out of a ten track compact disc, four original compositions of mine are present.


The launch of the cd "Conscious Elements" at the Prince Patrick Hotel.


The band splits up after six years and I begin to record a whole series of demos at a impressive home studio owned by Frank Papazois. Most are recorded in the following year. This studio as of 2012, is defunct.


As previously mentioned  demos are recorded at the " Papazois " studio with local singers together with techno and jazz related instrumentals. Some of these instrumentals were rewritten and were featured on a later release titled, " Short Stories, Infinite Corridors ". Two out of the three techno instrumental tracks are still pitched today together with some of the vocal tracks which have been rewritten and recorded for the second time.

1999 to 2000

A series of demos were recorded at Phil O'Briens home studio in Werribee, culminating in a compact disc of 15 compositions that had three instrumentals. Angela O'Brien is the featured vocalist while Phil produced. The vocal compositions on this compact disc were edited for "pitching" purposes to publishers. This disc again was mastered at Crystal Mastering. Some of these tracks have been rewritten and recorded for the second time and released on compact disc ( Adventures at Westgarth - The Toyland Sessions ). One track recently recorded for the second time by Melissa James (2011) and two tracks prior by Katya De Gregorio also for the second time ( 2011 ). 

2000 to 2001

A period of submitting music and writing new material.

2002 to 2005

The beginning of an association with Toyland Studios and engineer, producer Adam Calaitzis. A large volume of work has been produced at this studio. A fair estimate would be up to forty compositions. Some of the early demos circa late 90's were re-recorded for the second time. "Australian Idol" entrant Brandon Burns has been featured on most of my pop demo recordings together with singers Adam Enslow and Michael Macri.
Produced and written (at "Toyland") the extended play compact disc, "Sammy" for "Santana" inspired guitarist Paul Scodella. The track "Song For My Grandfather" spent up to 4 weeks ( 2007 ) in the top ten on the Broadjam charts, both in the latin and regional categories.

Arranged and produced up to twenty compositions for composer, saxophonist, singer, Michael Macri. Michael has used some of my arrangements as " blue prints " and recorded some of these tracks with live instruments at a studio owned by multi-instrumentalist Bruce Haymes. This is also the case for composer and songwriter Peter Sinis with up to eight tracks recorded at " Toyland ".

2006 to 2008

Written and produced Jazz related, "Short Stories, Infinite Corridors in 2006 which was mastered at "Crystal Mastering". This album received a RadioIndy.Com Gold Artist Award. " Water Slide " a track from "Short Stories" reached the number one position on the RadioIndy.Com charts while all other tracks have been in the top ten  (12/11/07). "Short Stories" has received airplay all around the world.

On the 5/11/07 I had the pleasure of mastering a new "House" track called "Timeless" which came out of a track called "No Big Deal". The vocal and lyrics of the "No Big Deal" track were replaced to create "Timeless". Mr Michael Macri provides the vocal and again it was mastered at "Crystal Mastering". This piece of music will probably be one of the tracks on an upcoming album release. An interesting session involved Nino Catanese ( my godson ) and Lino Murdocca, two songwriters and collaborators that produced the track, " Under the Moonlight ". Sung by Adam Enslow.
From late 2006 to early 20010 I've been offered five single song contracts by publishing companies based in the United States. Unfortunately the contracts forwarded in all cases had amendment issues according to my lawyers. No deals were done.
Focusing on independent chart activity there were over five entries from mid 2007 to late 2008. All activity was recorded on the charts.

"Song for my Grandfather" entered the Australian Top 10 (No 4) and the Latin Top 10 (No 4) on the 29th of August (2007) at

"Timeless" enters the House Top 10 on the 13th of July 2008 at number nine.

"Makin It Real" reaches number one, on the Australian charts and number three, on the American R&B charts. This was on the 14th of September 2008.

"Your Inviting Eyes" reaches it's highest position of number three on the " Contemporary Jazz " charts. This was on the 28th of October 2008. The end of 2008 ( released 209 ) produced the CD, "Adventures In Westgarth - The Toyland Sessions". A collaborative effort with songwriter and composer Peter Sinis.

This compact disc album features 10 compositions from pop, r&b to dance. The previously mentioned track " Timeless " is featured also featured. Five songs recorded on this release are a collaborative effort. They are:  Somebody Please Send Me Somebody To Love; I’Il Sing It In My Song; Sexy Hotty; After All This Time and I’m Ready For Love. The remaining tracks were solely composed by Sebastian Lorefice.  Yet again recorded at " Toyland " as the title suggests and mastered at " Crystal Mastering ". Singer Brandon Burns sings nine of the ten tracks while Michael Macri is featured on " Timeless ".
" Magic Carpet Ride " features Melissa James an impressive singer  that will also be featured on several more of my songs. This track was recorded in late 2008.

2009 to 2011

In the middle to late 2009 the instrumental track " Passages " was licensed to " MTV " and the " HBO " network. The previously mentioned Melissa James records two more songs, " Fly Away " and " Your Love " in late 2009. Country, pop rock, singer Simon Harrington records " Give me a Smile " in late 2010. The impressive Italian " X Factor " finalist Katya Dee or Katya De Gregorio records house tracks, " Get on the Floor " and " Here's to ya ". These were recorded through out 2011. The last session of the year again featured Melissa James with the power ballad, " It's not over ". Session guitarist Alex Doukas is featured on this track and plays on at least two other tracks. They are "Get on the Floor" and "Give me a Smile".  Pedal steel player Mark Thomas also contributes to " Give me a Smile ".