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David Weiss - Pro Reviewer

Lugosi's Lullaby also known as Luna Lullaby - "A contemplative ambient experience. " 12/10/2011


" Great jazz instrumental, and it sounds top notch to me. The tune has a jazzy and familiar melody, and very catchy groove. But, it is the very interesting mixture of rich sounds, complemented by clever jazzy interplay, and unpredictable and frequent changes in directions that make this tune even more entertaining. Overall, impressive instrumental. " SoundAgenda 30/6/2011

Wildys World

The vibraphone play in Street Gangs is stellar, and there's a lot going on underneath. This is one of those tunes you can listen to many times over and keep discovering new things buried in the instrumentation. Lugosi's Lullaby, is brilliant. Lorefice plays the role of a slightly twisted James Horner with a composition that is cinematic in scope and sound. He manages to pull these lovely snatches of melody out of a dark and foreboding musical landscape like the Northern Lights spark out of the inky blackness of night. Lorefice refuses to stand still, going experimental on Espionage, which uses mostly organic instrumentation to remind practitioners of ambient and experimental Electronica that their style isn't original after all. Sebastian Lorefice creates some highly memorable moments for those who do tune in.  2009

BullFrogMusic CD Reviews

"All I can say is that I like the song titles. The titles and the name of the CD give you a feeling of something happening that’s not quite on the plane of the every day world. They are evocative without having to fulfill their promise by actually having lyrics and a linear melody.This is intellectual stuff, not meant for relaxing by the fire with your significant other or enjoying an amusing little Chardonnay on the terrace. It needs your full attention and the only enjoyment required is cerebral appreciation for the efforts of the composer.Summary: As I said, I don’t know much about Art. But…if you’re a jazz intellectual, you might like this."  24/10/2008

You're Inviting Eyes

"Fabulous playing on the piano. Some lovely accents. Commercially viable - definately." Nigel  Barrett 11/10/2008

BaldGuyShow | Artist Review | Show # 9 | Vol 2 |

Soldier - " I liked it, that was really cool, very nice. The arrangement is fantastic."" God I can't wait to hear the next one. " " That was really good, it was well put together. "" Just everything, awesome, dude, way to go!! "" Very good cd and well recorded. "" It's always great to talk about a good cd, four and half stars!!!!  4/3/2008

Luna Lullaby

"I was thinking that I was in outer space, looking out into the vastness of the universe in both awe and loneliness." Protilius 3/9/2008

U.F.O. file

 " Unique and innovative. Good drummer. Nice piano. " Poppa Steve  29/7/2008

U.F.O. file 

" An interesting blend of jazz electronics, with some late Zappa type choral effects & arrangements. " Cristo B  25/7/2008

Xavier P. and - 27/10/07

"Short Stories, Infinite Corridors"  is a spell-binding collection of epic electronic soundscapes. The musicianship on this CD is very impressive. Perhaps the most compelling part of these tunes is their ever-changing structure changes in tempo, driving instruments, drum arrangements, and emotional atmospheres progress seamlessly and effortlessly! "Espionage" perfectly illustrates Sebastian's skill for creating music that conjures up a specific mental image. This track appropriately radiates a dark atmosphere of mystery, conspiracy, and secrecy. Even more impressive is this CD's quality production! Fans of electronica, jazz, ambient, and instrumental music will loose themselves in this mystic adventure!

You're Inviting Eyes

" fresh, different, great music for a lot of things, kudos to the piano player. " Patrick E. Muth 14/9/2007

© - April 10, 2007 - Keith MuzikMan Hannaleck

" Short Stories Infinite Corridors is a reference to several points of time during the history of film. It could also apply to music because in both cases the art forms have infinite corridors of time that you can relive because of their ability to be preserved infinitely with technology and remasteriing techniques. Sebastian Lorefice is a self sufficient indie musician that has his own interpretations of time and space regarding the world of music and film. He takes an interesting and atmospheric instrumental view of the corridors he walks down. Notice the Hollywood walk of fame path inviting you into his world on the cover? Be careful how far you walk though as you may fall off the edge and be lost forever in the universe and its black hole of short stories.I like to look at the covers of CDs to see what the messages are and then try to unlock the answers while listening to the music. The music of Lorefice allowed me to go through that enjoyable process. There is plenty of variety offered on this CD. The talented artist composes and performs everything using a Fatar master keyboard (STUDIO 1100) plugged into a Korg Trinity Plus. "You're Inviting Eyes" is the only cover on the album. The only help he gets musically is from Peter Pistevos (electric guitar on "Soldier" and "Street Gangs") and Adam Calaitzis (drum programming). Through nine cinematic tracks, Lorefice brings you contemporary jazz sliced up with parts of electronic keyboards and an occasional odd sound or tweak for the desired and necessary effect.“Lugosi’s Lullaby” is a good example of this method. It makes you feel there is a vampire lurking around the corner, along with the things that go bump in the night, to make Bela stalking you believable.While listening, my son got bits and pieces of this along the way and he kept asking me “You already listened to this right?” And my reply would be, “Yes, several times.” This is a typical scenario in the room I listen to my music and go through my process to write about it. This time the comment I heard from the young man was “This reminds me of music on some of my games.” Soundtracks for video games are big business these days and I have to agree with him, I heard plenty that could fit into that area. This is an interesting combination of jazz and world fusion that rocks you with some punch and also has its share of moments where it sounds quirky and futuristic. It keeps you on your toes wondering what the next track is about to bring. For my varied tastes and judicious ears this was a pleasure to listen to. When the music stops the stories end but they don’t have to, just play it all again. "

earBuzz Review: Sebastian Lorefice's CD

"Short Stories, Infinite Corridors", describes his brand of jazz to a tee. Here he has assembled short inventive melodic lines - after which he moves into improvisational and experimental routes that blissfully corridor us away into his musical world. Despite Lorefice's use of programmed drums in many tracks, the music is organic if only for the free-floating world he operates from in the solo sections. Track 1, "Soldier", is a good example - as SL tinkles harmonic and chromatic lines as a child pushes sand around a make-believe castle. Track 2, "Street Gangs", is a funky little piece with compelling organ, horns, and timbre that takes us back to cop-themed TV shows of the 70's - but then xylophone enters and completely throws out our comparison. The piece ends up to be smooth jazz contemporary cool. In track 3, "inviting Eyes", Lorefice moves into island rhythms and octave melodies. The tune is a marimba-ish mover. Track 4, "Espionage", employs sound effects and left brain play-yards in its composition - exciting, experimental, and fresh - it's our favorite track. The final track, "Water Slide", gives us a peek at the contemporary keyboard skills Lorefice uses. All tolled, the CD is a relaxing and exciting journey into an evolving jazz artists' world of fantasy and friendship with his musical muse. 4/8/2006

CD BABY -  Reviewer: Latest Recordings - August 2006

This is a CD worthy of repeated listening by one of the most original and eclectic Australian musicians.Sebastian Lorefice's latest recording venture utilizes cutting edge studio technology to present his unique hybrid of fusion, Latin, soul and electronic sound scapes. The opening track gives a good indication of the composers craft. "Soldier" is a stunning journey through time and space interweaving sculptured synthesizers, yearning guitar fusion, orchestral brass sonorities and ruminating piano over a haunting siren chorus. Other tracks exhibit similar narrative qualities; the bouncy funk of "Street Gangs", the unravelling explorations of "Espionage", the textured architecture of "Shaolin Temple" or the get down, soul groove with unexpected twists of "Water Slide". The meticulous attention to detail in production values is reflected in the drum programming alone on such tracks as "UFO". Overall this is a CD worthy of repeated listening by one of the most original and eclectic voices over the ether. Four stars!!!!!

 CD BABY -  Reviewer: Matt Bottos - August  2006

"Beautifully executed music that delivers an emotionally provocative experience.Not only does Sebastian Lorefice prove himself to be a skilled musician but also an accomplished composer & arranger by taking you on an emotional journey with this CD. Tracks such as "Your inviting eyes", "Espionage" & "Lugosi's Lullaby" feature a limited number of instruments that deliver an 'airy' feel to the music, while rhythmic and melodic variations create subtle complexities that engage the listener. Displaying an innate ability to be able to tastefully deliver a track without overwhelming the listener, Sebastian proves to be a musician that is at ease with what he does. The CD also features some excellent examples of more up-tempo tracks. This CD is well worth a listen ... check it out!" Five stars!!!!


Lugosis Lullaby also known as Luna Lullaby.

“The listing asked for New Age with an edge, and this feels more like an aural tone poem/ That said, it has interesting elements to it, and the overall tone is complex but complete emotionally. Clearly, a lot of artistry is present here.” September - 2006

Shaolin Temple

" Hey Sebastian- You are a monster musician with an awful lot to say. Your music is quite sophisticated and original sounding. Of the three I think that Street Gangs is probably the most accessible to most contemporary jazz listeners. Kind of hoped that you had played acoustic piano on that one as well. That seems to be the instrument that you feature mostly and what I identified as more of your "sound" as an artist. I'm going to forward cut 3. It's pretty complex but shows off your compositional skills as well as your piano virtuosity. Keep up the great work and best of luck here." ”September - 2006 -

Brian Soergel, Smooth Jazz Vibes / Smooth Jazz Talk, September 2006

"There's a lot going on in this CD by this talented Australian musician, who fuses lounge jazz, Latin, space music, electronica and other styles in a satisfying mix. There are some unique experimental edges, but this is definitely different.Check out samples at"


"Australian keyboard player/composer Sebastian Lorefice has just released his third CD, titled Short Stories, Infinite Corridors, a pleasant collection of instrumental jazz & fusion numbers that features plenty of piano and synthesizer colors, as well as catchy melodies. While much of this album sits squarely in the contemporary, or "smooth jazz" mode, there are some moments where Lorefice breaks out a bit. "Your Inviting Eyes" mixes some vintage sounding jazz piano with Latin beats, "Shaolin Temple" has a sort of Rippingtons/Steps Ahead/Special EFX/Elements feel to it, with spacey synths and steady percussion within a jazz framework (if you remember the early 90's GRP Records roster, this song would fit right in), and both "UFO File" and "Water Slide" sound like they could have come off of one of the early Chick Corea Elektric Band albums, complete with wild synth, piano, bass, and drum layers. Fans of more recent Tangerine Dream would probably like the keyboard washes and electronic soundscapes of "Hostile Planet", a more spacey sounding piece than some of the other jazz flavored numbers. Overall, this is a nice listen from a man who obviously has a lot of talent and musical ideas. " 21/6/2006

Conscious Elements

“Music Trader” review by C. Vickers - mid 90's

“Conscious Elements” is the first CD of all original compositions by RPM. All members of RPM come from long backgrounds in jazz, rock and a bit of classicial. “Conscious Elements” is very much in the jazz/rock fusion genre, with an Australian feel to it. The expertise in jazz is prominent and the mixture of acoustic guitar, 6 string fretted bass and many other instruments gives this CD an original and experimental feel. “Conscious Elements” is delivered in the highest quality.



Reviews - 2007 to 2012 -  Pop  / R&B / Dance / Electronica / Rock / Classical

Marina Staff

"Adventures In Westgarth - The Toyland Sessions from Sansebastian Productions is an exciting, collaborative album on which Sebastian Lorefice and Peter Sinis showcase their cohesive musical talent.  The description of Lorefice’s approach on his website successfully summarizes this album, “The whole idea is to be self-sufficient and to combine the best of technology and live music.” This album incorporates electronic buzz, smooth jazz, and a pop feel that display Lorefice’s wide-ranging background in many genres of music.

Lorefice and Sinis combine their writing and arranging talents throughout this album.  The opening track, Makin It Real, provides an intriguing electronic instrumental introduction, and then the charming vocal talent of Brandon Burns, an Australian Idol finalist, is layered on, resulting in a modern, smooth, and catchy song.  Other tracks such as Timeless and Somebody Please Send Me Somebody are slower and more ballad-esque, however they still effortlessly merge Lorefice’s keyboard ability and arranging talent with fresh vocals and lyrical depth.

With ease, this album could find a place in a home stereo, in a car for daily listening, or on the radio.  Adventures in Westgarth-The Toyland Sessions has an individual sound that appeals to a wide variety of audiences and will remain in the minds of its listeners as a favorite." 13/1/ 2009

"Timeless" (House)

"Nice underlying house beats, rhythms and horns accompanied by a nice balance of electronic sounds " -  BASE INC
" Nice feel and flow to song, song could be a hit " - William Brennan-Songwriter
" Nice funky touch " -  Constantine

" Makin' it Real  "( Pop / R&B ) 

" Quality vocal, excellent mid-range " - Wayne Murray
" Great Tune, very good vocals lyrics & production " - BenC,SongCrafter
" OMG........this should be on mainstream radio. " " Great song, voice arrangement. " " I love it!! ". Valerie James

" Time out " ( Pop )

" I really like this song, great job, everything is just right with it, lots of possibilities with this one. " NashvilleJoe
" Really enjoyed the track, good sound and excellent vocals. " pianobob
" Sounds like a movie theme song, liked the lyrics the vocals were nice too ". Carolyn
" This makes me think that it could be a hit, if it's pitched to the right venues.. ie a TV series about teens, 20 somethings or a film with the same themes. " Chaz
" Very nice voice. Love the melody. Has a good hook and lyrics are excellent. " Nick Flores

" You've Got That Thing " ( Pop / R&B ) 

" Great groove; arrangement; extremely catchy ".  Harry V
" Good song, great job on the vocals and harmonies "  Chrismcc
" This is catchy. It's lyric is just quirky enough to be different, but doesn't come off being "goony". "It's cool."  Jason Kessler and ProRs
" Upbeat Fun " -  Bonnie A. Warns
" Like this song a lot. Vocal is on the pulse. The sparse instrumentation really works. The tongue and cheek lyrics make me smile. " Wayne Murray
" The chorus is great with catchy lyrics ".  Densyl
" Really strange beginning I loved it! " " Great voice, very well made, good keyboard beats, lots of little touches in the background, really adds extra interest, way to go". Michael Kirkbride
" Good song well done in the genre of r&b, airplay should not be a problem, very contemporary. " " Well done, good hook ". Malley

" Tim the Toyman "  ( classical instrumental ) 

" What a fun song, great choice of instruments ", " It's perfect ". - Kenneth Lavone